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Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 2 Friday

 End of day 2.  There won't be any pictures by Terry until he gets home.  We have contact by phone, but he opted for only a phone and a gps, no smart phone, no computer.  Simpler that way, and as the sticker on his helmet says...OLD SCHOOL.
He made it to the first corner,    Blaine, WA     this morning.  Did his paperwork at Bay Cafe, which consists of a gas receipt, the time, location and date.  He has to mail it from the locations.  And take a picture.
He grabbed lunch and gassed up and continued on to I84 and stopped for the night around 5:30pm at  Hermiston, OR when he was getting wet enough to either stop for the night or continue for another 100 miles.  He stopped.  After all he left at 4am this morning!  Time to get some sleep.

So we checked the weather, had a good chat and time for both of us to wind down.

He rode 781 miles today with an average of 63.7 mph.
Yesterday was 798 miles. With an average of 62.4 mph.

He has no idea that I have a poll on the blog, this data will come in very handy.

The gps gives me more information than I can use.

That's it for tonight, night all...

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