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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 10 Saturday

Today's route: Cloverdale IN to Lebanon KS (2nd pass) to Clay Center KS

Day 8 finished with the 2nd check into Lebanon KS and staying in Clay Center, KS.
Clay County Sunset by Jason Erbert

It was a quick chat tonight...He had the opportunity to talk for awhile with his brother, so our conversation was short with pretty much just the stats.  He doesn't take much down time.

He preps the night before for the next day so he can get up and go.  So when he arrives for the evening, it is...find a place to sleep, find a place to eat, prep for the next day, check in with me, shower....go to bed and get up the next day and go.

He had a t-shirt once that said...
ride, eat, sleep, repeat
pretty much says it all
I can't believe I found it online!!
That's it for today...thanks for checking in

today stats:
o/a mph:  59.8
moving mph:  67.7
max speed:  95.4  :O ok.....
total time:  13.39
moving time:  12.03
rest time:  1.35  (whew)

Mileage Recap:
Day 1...798
Day 2...781
Day 3...839.5
Day 4...708
Day 5...839.5
Day 6...732.8
Day 7...697
Day 8...650.7
Day 9...688.4
Day 10...816.4
total miles rounded:  7371
Avg @ day 737

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