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Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 5 Monday

Just a quick note.  Terry called around 6:45am pst and he had continued east.  Still uncertain of the day.  His back was better than expected, but cold & wet conditions.  He said he would call at his next stop.  I will keep everyone posted....Keep prayers and good thoughts going in his direction.

Brookville, OH

Day 5 in the books.
Attitude adjusted, back doing much better = good day

It is now 3 hrs different from home, good talk, time to get off the phone and prep for tomorrow.  Rain is expected.  Nice to have options of different routes to skirt around some of the weather.
He was able to replace the camelback tip, so water is accessible all day once again.

He mentioned that he did his good deed for the day by putting out a fire in the hotel's mulch outside the lobby.  Somebody had tossed their cigarette into it & off it went.  Another use for the camelback!

Used his McDonald's certificate that he has been hanging onto since we were in Moab UT last year!!  He was so proud of himself  :)

Today's stats:

O/A avg speed:  60.6 mph
Moving avg:  68.6 mph
total time:  11hrs 41 min
Moving time:  10hrs 20 min
stop time:  1hr 21 min

miles traveled......708

All in all...a good day

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