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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 7 Wednesday

Madawaska, Maine from the 2008 4 Corners Tour

Day week in the books.
Today Terry rode from Waterbury Connecticut to the 2nd corner in   Madawaska, Maine on the US and Canadian border to Houlton Maine.  The roads are different on the East coast.  Lots of traffic and many on the road.

I asked him if he could bring me back a red leaf or two.  I can only imagine the change of colors being stunning.  He said that the full spectrum has not turned up as far as he has seen, but he would try to remember to get me some.  He laughed and said he had been dodging them, as it has turned windy and cold, with lows hovering around 42 and highs in the mid 50's.

He checked in at Madawaska, ME around 4pm, did the paperwork, gassed up and put it all in the mail (ride rules) and as soon as he released the envelope, remembered that he did not put the mileage on the ticket, part of the requirements.  I will email them to give them that piece of information.  He then continued on to Houlton, ME for the night.

Houlton, ME

Tomorrow, if the shop is open, he will stop to get the oil changed in Portsmouth, ME at Street Cycles.

He made the appointment before he left.  It was the same place he stopped in 2008.

Ride stats:

Total miles:  697
O/A miles:  55.7 mph
moving avg:  64.5 mph
max speed:  90.4
total time:  12.30
moving time:  10.48
rest time:  1.42

And that's it for tonight...sleep tight all....Especially you my dear Terry...

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