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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 6 Tuesday

End of Day 6, sorry about the incorrect day for yesterday....didn't catch it until someone pointed it out this morning.

Welcome to Waterbury

He has finished the day at Waterbury CT.  Said there is allot of road construction and authorities monitoring the 65 mph limit.  So the miles are not so easily attained.  He was ready to turn in after our chat, a 3 hour difference now from me.

At one of his 2 nap stops, (didn't sleep well last night) he met a man that asked him where he was from, and when he said California...San Luis Obispo, he said "you mean SLO town?"  Only the locals know that!  Turns out he is from Sonora, both a long way from home.  
He was up and awake, not intentionally by 4am and hit the road by 5am, hence, time to turn in to get a good nights sleep.

Today's stats:

Overall avg speed:  55 mph
Moving avg speed:  67 mph
Max speed:  88 mph
Total time:  13.15
Moving time:  10.56
Stop time:  2.19  (2 naps, gas, eat)

Total miles covered:  732.8

route for tomorrow Waterbury CT to Madawaska Maine

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