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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Trip Recap

I was hoping to get Terry to write the final entry, but, blogging isn't his thing.  Go figure!

All I can say is "Wow!".  He did it!  What an accomplishment.  Most of us will not undertake the journey he did for numerous reasons, but I think we all agree that we admire him for his tenacity in his journey.  And he made long miles look easy.
Now we need to do the final paperwork.  Print out 4x6 pictures of the the check-in points.

1-first corner starts the actual clock ticking to complete in 26 days.  First corner was:  Blaine, WA

2-second was the first checkpoint in the X pattern just outside Lebanon, KS.  And the picture had to be at the marker.

3-third and 2nd corner was Madawaska, MA.

4-back to Lebanon, KS for the 2nd pass through and a stop at the Lebanon Gas Station for the official picture.

5-3rd corner in Key West, FL.  Picture at the marker of the southern most tip of the US.

6-3rd and final pass through Lebanon, KS and a photo at the Lebanon Post Office.

7-4th and final corner in San Ysidro, CA photo taken at the Post Office.

A total of 12,878 miles traveled according to the GPS, although the odometer calculated 13,535.  Terry says that's the variable in the bikes odometer and the accuracy of the GPS.  

Back home safe and sound.

The weather cooperated with only approx 6 hours of rain and a range from the 30's to the 90's.
I am sure there are more stories in his journal to share, but maybe those will come in the future.
Thanks for following along.

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