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Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 9 Friday

It is only 2:30pm here on the west coast, but Terry's day is done.  I got a call around 1pm from Terry asking me to find a BMW dealer in Indianapolis.  I had already done some research, so I knew there was one....
He has a flat front tire...done...done....
He had pulled into a gas station maybe 20 miles out of Indianapolis and when he took it off the center stand noticed how heavy it pushed, looked down and noticed the flat.

Now at this point...I can only literally thank God....those of us that ride and those that know the 2 wheels, know what the consequences could have been at freeway speeds.  So, keep up those prayers, his guardian angel is working overtime today. 

The BMW shop, Falcone Powersports of Indianapolis, was fantastic to respond so quickly.  They have picked him up and are going to try to get it fixed today, but it is almost closing time for them.  Will let you know how the evening finished out with the stats later...for now...keep the prayers going...please...and thank you ;)

Ok, now the day is being put to bed.  Thanks to the crew at the BMW shop, Terry got picked up, delivered with the bike, valve stem replaced and back on down the road to Cloverdale, Indiana about 25 west of Indianapolis IN.

Terry left them enough money to buy pizza for everyone in the shop tomorrow and payment for the repair.  Can't say enough good about the people, no charge for the pickup and delivery to the shop.

Apparently it is hot, sticky and sweaty and lots of traffic which made the decision easier to get off the road for the night.

Can't help but reflect on the possibilities....diligence...always

Onward to Lebanon KS, looks like thunder showers and wind.....

Route for tomorrow: Cloverdale IN to Lebanon KS

oh...the stats:
o/a mph:  54.3
avg moving speed:  66
max speed:  85
total time:  12.4
moving time:  10.26
stop time:  2.14

Total Miles:  688.4

Mileage Recap:
Day 1...798
Day 2...781
Day 3...839.5
Day 4...708
Day 5...839.5
Day 6...732.8
Day 7...697
Day 8...650.7
Day 9...688.4
total miles rounded:  6735
Avg @ day 748

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