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Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 12 Monday

When I asked if he ran into rain, the response was " Oh gawd YES!"

As expected, rain and more rain with a brief respite.  Enough water on the road that at one point when a truck changed lanes, the car in front of him disappeared into the wave!  He said not big deal, you just come out on the other side, as if that is nothing....I'd be clamped on the handlebars!!    And the rain suit and the Air Hawk are holding tight!

Welcome to Stuart FL
today stats:
o/a mph:  58.9
moving mph:  70
max speed: 83.2
total time: 12.53
moving time: 10.50
rest time: 2.03 (included a nice nap)

Mileage Recap:
Day 1...798
Day 2...781
Day 3...839.5
Day 4...708
Day 5...839.5
Day 6...732.8
Day 7...697
Day 8...650.7
Day 9...688.4
Day 10...816.4
Day 11...778.8
Day 12...759
total miles:  8909
Avg @ day 742.5

Tomorrow he should touch the 3rd corner in Key West and then start back up the west coast as shown in the link below.  If he makes it to St. Petersburg, it will be a full day.  We will see what tomorrow brings.

Proposed route for Tues/tomorrow

That's All Folks!

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