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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 13 Tuesday

He first checked in tonight from a recommended restaurant called Pollo Mario in South Orlando.  Featuring Columbian cuisine.   Seems it also has great ratings.  He raved about #40 on the menu.   he He tried plantains for the first time!  And was surprised that I knew what it was, as well as crackle, aka pork rind.

Pollos Mario is best known for its seafood and is home to Columbian cuisine. It's authenticity and atmosphere is matched by no other, right down to the Spanish-speaking service personnel. Entrees include bandeja paisa which consists of white rice, red beans, ground beef, sausage, plantains, morcilla, chicharron, arepa, avocado and a fried egg; cuchuco which is made up of wheat, habas, potatoes, ribs and peas; sancocho, a soup combining vegetables and meat or fish; and ajiaco, an elaborate stew.

He finished dinner and got back to me when he returned to the motel.  He filled me in on the details of the day.

Said the weather was clear and warm, with a thunderstorm just outside of Orlando.  Enough to put the rain jacket on to keep from getting drenched.  But when the sun came out, it created a sauna in the jacket, even though he only had on a t shirt.  Time for fresh clothes in the morning !
He also said that he "kinda" blew a toll.  He saw that it would be $1 and had it a bill...not coins.  What to do?  Cars are lining up behind him, no one, he did what any responsible citizen would do and stuffed it the best he could into the hole!!  He did tell them at the next toll what happened, they gave him a card with a number to call...after they open back up tomorrow.  So...we will see if we get any mail from Florida.

Speaking of mail, I have now received 4 cards from him...helps with the distance between us right now.  Didn't think it would be ... so quiet

Oh, yes, he made it to the most southern tip of the US in the Keys.  Took his picture by the same marker as in 2008, did the paperwork, turned around and headed north.
Now back to Kansas for the last time.

Key West from 2008

today's stats:
o/a mph:50.9
moving mph:58.9
max speed: 85.2
total time: 12.43
moving time: 11
rest time: 1.43

Mileage Recap:
Day 1...798
Day 2...781
Day 3...839.5
Day 4...708
Day 5...839.5
Day 6...732.8
Day 7...697
Day 8...650.7
Day 9...688.4
Day 10...816.4
Day 11...778.8
Day 12...759
Day 13...648.4
total miles:  9558
Avg @ day  735.2


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