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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 11 Sunday

Day 11 in the books at Manchester, TN.  778.8 miles closer to home.

Terry was quite chatty tonight.  I was trying to take notes.  He said that he passed the World's Largest Ball of Twine West of Kansas City...the things you come across out there.  No time to stop this time, but he would like to cover the ground again with time to stop and see all the sights that he is literally flying by.

He told me he had 2 failures today....this is where I hold my breath and say a little prayer to prepare for whatever is next.  Turns out they were fairly minor.  He started out this morning with no headlight...I said NO headlight, well, the low beam, he rode with the high beam until he found a store with a replacement bulb.
Then the other failure was the Air Hawk cushion for his seat sprung a leak.  Now this piece of equipment is highly critical as it keeps his bum happy for all those hours of sitting.
But, with the patch kits he has, he patched it & he'll see if it holds.  If not, he will be passing by JP Cycles in Ormond FL where he purchased this one 4 years ago.
He strained his back a bit again putting the bike on the center stand.  Time to ice it up, take some Advil, shower and hit the sack.
That's it for today.

today stats:
o/a mph: 60.5
moving mph: 70.6
max speed:  88.7
total time:  12.43
moving time:  10.53
rest time:  1.49

Mileage Recap:
Day 1...798
Day 2...781
Day 3...839.5
Day 4...708
Day 5...839.5
Day 6...732.8
Day 7...697
Day 8...650.7
Day 9...688.4
Day 10...816.4
Day 11...778.8
total miles: 8150.6
Avg @ day 741

Tomorrows Route: Manchester TN to Ormond FL

Terry & Ivan at Mammoth MX

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